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Shredding The Competition – November Edition

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Shredding the Competition- November Edition

Shred Head Sales Tip for November

The “Call me after the holidays” stall

Ahh……. the good old “call me back after the holidays or call me back in January” stall
I am sure you have already heard this stall (objection) a million times and probably hearing it as you read this coming up on Thanksgiving.
Although some of your prospects may actually need to wait for January to move forward because of internal procedures or budgets, the majority of prospective buyers know this works as one of the best stall tactics in history.
Utilizing this stall is really an objection and what the probable purchaser is telling you is “I do not see the value to move forward with you yet”. Or maybe we haven’t done a good enough job qualifying them as a “validated sales opportunity”?
At this point you have not established a “sense of urgency” to buy today. The “know, like, and trust “feelings are not there yet. The risk of doing business with you is greater than the possible rewards at this point.
Does the prospect really want your destruction service and have they recognized they have a current problem which could be aligned with our solution? Is this person the real decision maker?
It is an easy way to get rid of the sales person because most sales people will say “OK, I will call you back then”, and go away without asking any questions.
Instead of being a puppet, puppy or pawn to the prospect, find out what the true objection is or at least make it more difficult to stall you. It is time to get the guts or courage to ask why?
Here are some suggestions on how to handle this stall (objection):
1) What will be different in January or after the holidays?
2) Is there a specific reason you prefer I get back to you then?
3) What is preventing you from taking action today?
4) Do you see yourself buying after the holidays, etc..?
5) Could you start now and pay after the holiday?
6) When I call you back in January, what happens next?
 It is the responsibility of the sales professional, not the prospect, to show how a delay can cost more than purchasing now. And please do not use this lame stall on Mike Campbell and Ray Barry……….


Email Ray Barry at rbarry@vecoplanllc.com for more business improvement tips like these!


Vecoplan Client of the Month:
AccuShred, Toledo, Ohio
Meet the Team:
Nate Segall – Owner, President
Barry Gudelman, Owner – Vice-President
Mike Boyd – Sales Manager
Craig Wittig – IT Director
Carolyn Korek – Office Manager
Jessica Myers – Scheduling and Routing Coordinator
Melvin Harris, Jr., Roy Armstrong, Jr. – Warehouse Managers
Tim Kolinski, Jason Dickson, Eric Nussbaum and Jason Johnson – World’s Best Security Drivers
Years in Business:
13 years


Services Provided:
NAID Certified On and Off-site document destruction
NAID Certified Electronic media and hard drive destruction
Electronics recycling
Product destruction
Service Area:
100 mile radius of Toledo, Ohio
This would include Flint and Lansing, MI to the north, Ft. Wayne, IN to the west, Lima, OH to the south and the western suburbs of Cleveland, OH to the east.
Advice to others in the business:
“Resist the temptation to compete solely on price. If all you have to sell is your price, you will lose business to the next person in that offers your service for a penny less. Sell on service and best value for the money, and DELIVER on that promise of service and value! Treat your drivers like the kings and queens they are. They are the face of your business, and who your customers relate to and communicate with. Your drivers can be your best salesmen! Train them as such.” (Nate Segall)


Why do we utilize Vecoplan equipment?
“Vecoplan trucks are well built and very reliable. Their shredding process gives us the kind of small, consistent particle size I am trying to achieve for my customers. This truck just chews through material that my old hammermill would struggle with. Not that we’re trying, but we cannot jam this equipment! That translates to much less downtime.” (Nate Segall)


Did you know we sell Used Equipment also?



To see a full list of available used equipment, please contact us today at rbarry@vecoplanllc.com or mcampbell@vecoplanllc.com

2007  AXO NON CDL Pea Shooter truck- $55,000

Condition- Very good
Very well maintained truck from previous owner. Would be a great first truck or additional truck for paper application. Owner upgraded to a VST 42e for versatility and more volume.

2013 Vecoplan VST CDL 42e- $190,000

Condition- Excellent
Well maintained and just like new.
If your organization wants to shred more and generate more revenue, this truck is for you! Can shred non-paper material with ease with electric power that saves fuel.
Industry News & Upcoming Events:
Shred School Orlando, FL, Orlando Airport Marriott – November 18-19
NAID Annual Conference, Renaissance Sea World Orlando –  April 7-9, 2016 


(Ray Barry with Thomas Bruff and the MaxShred team during a customized training session for him and his team in Murfreesboro, TN.)
Vecoplan also provides Consulting Services to help grow your business!
We can provide training and consulting in the following areas:
- Sales Training for your entire team, including service technicians
- In-depth Destruction industry training after they go to Shred School
- Business growth consulting for owners and leaders
- Sales development and marketing plans with customized tools for your organization
- Monthly Sales coaching and guidance
- Start up engagements
- Much more………..
Contact us today if you would like to grow your business and see if you qualify for our FREE training available to Vecoplan clients! Email Ray Barry at rbarry@vecoplanllc.com
Mike Campbell and Ray Barry have helped build 2 of the most successful and largest shredding businesses in the history of the industry. They have also helped train over 300 companies in the information destruction industry. They have a unique perspective and have been in your shoes. Not only can they help you with ALL of your equipment needs but they will be happy to help you grow your business at the same time as a resource for your business!

IF you are ready to SHRED your competition and would like a PLAN to do just that, contact Vecoplan today.


Ray Barry and Mike Campbell

National Sales Managers-Information Destruction Division
Vecoplan, LLC



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Plastics Engineering Magazine

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Plastic Shredding/Granulation Options for In-House Reclaim

Dana Darley, National Sales Manager, Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, NC USA

Producers of extruded products have three main options when dealing with their own internal scrap…re-use, resale, or material disposal. For any of these three, some type of size reduction of the scrap is either required or of some benefit. We will begin with an overview of the most popular shredding technology typically used for extruded product. Single shaft/rotor shredding systems will be reviewed in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Features and benefits of each technology will be outlined, as we look at a variety of extruded products, such as film, fiber, sheet, non-woven, profile and pipe, as well as blow molded containers and extruder purgings. We will look at the options for size reduction primarily for reprocessing, including the integration of conveyors, metal detection/separation and granulators. While focusing on the shredding step, we will discuss the best technology for each product and discuss basic configurations for typical size reductions systems. We will also review the very latest in shredding technology, which features systems designed to size reduce extruded product to the optimum size for reprocessing; all in one step and while maintaining product quality and high production rates.

Stacked shredder/granulator systemThe vertically fed, single shaft shredder is the workhorse of the plastics recycling industry (see figure1, Shredder, with HiTorc magnetic drive). Material is fed either by hand, fork truck, inclined conveyor or a container lift and dump system into the top of the shredder feed hopper. Belt conveyors are often the method of choice, as they allow material to be staged and give the opportunity for metal detection/separation, before entering the system. In most cases, the feed hopper can be filled, without concerns about over-feeding the processing area of the shredder, and a photo eye can be installed to control the infeed conveyor/dumper. Once the shredder is filled with material, the horizontal hydraulic ram takes over the process. Based on the load/torque of the rotor drive, the PLC control system will use the ram to push material into the cutting rotor of the shredder to maintain the highest efficiency during the size reduction process. Material will drop through the sizing screen once the desired particle size is reached, and is then either mechanically or pneumatically transferred from the shredder to further downstream processing equipment.

Single shaft shredder, with HiTorc drive

Shredders and granulators are basically opposites of each other in the size reduction world, for this reason make for great partnerships. Shredders work best when completely filled with heavy, bulky materials, and can effectively reduce this material to particle sizes of 1” or smaller. Most granulators need to be continuously fed material, with care taken not to overfeed, which could cause a blockage or stall of the rotor drive. Large, bulky parts could just bounce around and never efficiently feed into the high speed cutting rotor. However, when properly fed, granulators are very effective at size reducing a constant infeed of material to a small, uniform particle, down to ¼” or smaller. The marriage of the two systems often comes when large, bulky or heavy products need to be size reduced to the smallest particles possible, and with a minimum of operator attention. Shredders can be bulk or batch loaded, with any size or amount of material that will physically fit into the feed hopper of the system. The operator can walk away as the shredder continuously processes the material to a comfortable particle size for the granulator, which will further size reduce to the desired level. This is a process often referred to as “Dump and Run.”

Film, fiber and non-woven fabrics can be some of the more difficult products to process. Whether introduced to the system in a baled, rolled or loose form, the tenacity of these products and the tendency for long pieces to self-feed into the shredder rotor, special consideration is required for the design of the machine. To handle self-feeding products and the tendency to wrap, a second set of nip cutters are used to keep material from winding around the rotor (see figure 2, FF rotor). A further measure may be required to cover the top of the rotor, to limit material feed and put the hydraulic ram in full control of the process. These materials can also generate heat during the size reduction process, so cored rotors can be applied that allow for cooling water to flow down the entire length of the rotor. High power drives can also be used to better process these demanding material, such as a magnetic drive (see figure 1, Shredder, with HiTorc). For re-pelletizing and densification processes, a 2” – 3” inch particle size is often required, which can be achieved by the shredder alone. If a smaller particle size is required, a combination shredder/granulator system can be supplied.

Film and Fiber rotor, with primary and nip cutters

Drums, barrels, IBCs and other bulky parts can also be a challenge for any size reduction process. For the shredder, the product size can often determine the size of the machine, versus the processing rate the customer requires. The shredder must have sufficient size to prevent bulky products from bridging in the feed hopper. Oversized “XL” rotors may be required to more efficiently process these large and often hollow parts. Torque is normally not a limiting factor, as these products process easily, once introduced to the cutting chamber of the system. For further processing, a particle size of 1/4” – 3/8” is often required, so use of a secondary granulator would be required.

Pipe and profile (“lineal”) products of ten feet or more in length are often processed in a horizontal system, so the parts can be handled without the need for cutting into to smaller pieces, as would be required for a vertically fed system (see figure 3, VTH, Horizontal shredder). A long, vibrating infeed conveyor is used to direct material into an integral pair of nip feed rollers. The nip rollers, much like the ram in a vertically fed system, control the product feed rate into the cutting rotor. Size reduced particles fall through the sizing screen and can either be mechanically or pneumatically discharged from the shredder. For pipe and profile products less than ten feet in length, a vertically fed system can be used and often a tilting table will feed these long parts into the shredder feed hopper, much like drinking straws into a cup.

VH18 Horizontal for linear scrap

Purgings, pallets, sheet stacks, railroad ties and other heavy scrap are a shredder’s best friend, and a granulator’s worst enemy. Due to the feed control of the hydraulic ram, it is almost impossible to overload a shredder with these heavy parts. The shredder’s closed rotor and “chipping” cutters will efficiently process these parts, in some cases all the way down to 3/8”. However, for highest output and processing efficiency, the addition of a granulator in combination with the shredder, is often a good idea. The shredder quickly and easily reduces these large, heavy products to 2” – 3” particle sizes for optimum granulator feed. The granulator can then efficiently process these particles to the final desired size. For these processes, a stacked configuration is a common solution for saving money and floor space as opposed to an in-line system, with mechanical conveyors between the shredder and granulator (see figure 4, Stacked system). Stacking the shredder directly on top of the granulator does, however, greatly reduce the opportunity to detect and/or remove tramp metal. A magnetic plate can be installed between the shredder and granulator to remove FE (ferrous) metal, but when large amounts of FE and non-FE metal are likely, the two should be installed inline, with the proper metal detection and separation systems installed into the mechanical conveyors.

For heavy and/or difficult to cut products, additional cutting torque or power may be required. Extra heavy duty, reinforced shredder frames can also be a good idea for these applications. Additionally, a “P” or passive rotor design is sometimes used to reduce the cutter bite, and “Pipe” packages including frame, cutting bed and ram reinforcement are incorporated for improved machine durability.

Shredder 4

Combination shredding and granulation systems are very popular in plastics applications due to their extreme efficiency and versatility. However, having the ability to effectively size reduce in one step through a single machine, obviously has big advantages. Shredders are being developed now with the power, features, and most importantly, cutting rotor design to allow processors to go directly from large, bulky products to the final particle size and consistency for further processing. The ”W” rotor shown (see figure 5, “W” rotor) is a hybrid of the traditional course “chipping” action of the shredder combined with the fine cutting action of the granulator. With 5 rows of cutters and dual bed knives, the “W” rotor has almost five times the cuts per revolution as compared to a traditional shredder rotor. This is the key to being able to size reduce in one step without sacrificing output and cut quality. The recently introduced V-ECO, with “W” rotor is a major advancement towards this ultimate goal.

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Shredding The Competition – October Edition

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Shredding the Competition- October Edition

Shred Head Sales Tip for October

Do you Brag…….or provide PROOF?

We are taught at a young age, “Don’t brag about yourself” I find myself telling my son this all of the time. I guess like his Dad, he doesn’t have a confidence problem. Any time we brag about ourselves and our companies, our prospects are unimpressed.
But why do 80% of sales professionals start each proposal they give to a prospect with a canned template cover letter ‘bragging” about their company? Then, they blabber on and on how they are the (greatest, locally owned, smallest, largest, best looking, whatever.) Guess what? As my good friend Tom Adams says all the time, they don’t care about our “IT”!
Bragging is not believable and it turns the probable purchaser off.
Our clients care about the same things we care about, Profitability, More clients, no hassles, more free time, notoriety, etc.
The best way to build know, like and trust feelings and to show them that we are the best, or most secure, or friendliest, etc. is by utilizing the most powerful tool in the (sales) toolbox.

Those of you who have attended the Shred School know that I could talk a whole day about testimonials and the best way to go about getting them. When you say something about yourself it is bragging. When others say it about you it is PROOF!

There is no doubt in my mind that the testimonial is the most powerful “tool” in the sales “toolbox”. It is more effective than your brochure, your shredder, and your salesperson combined! It is also the single most wasted resource in creating a marketing message. Not near as many companies in this industry utilize them the way they should.

Testimonials can sell when salespeople cannot sell.

For example, are you going to believe your neighbor who just purchased an automobile like the one you would like, or the car salesperson?
Don’t just get testimonials though, get the right ones. The following are some suggestions on what testimonials should say:
  • Testimonials should show action and have a call to action. “I used to use ABC Shredding; I switched to Redneck Shred, so should you.”
  • Testimonials should overcome objections or remove the barriers to a potential sale.” I thought their price was too high initially, bought anyway, and I am sure glad that I did.”
  • Testimonials should re-enforce a claim. “I earned more profit by utilizing them.”
Testimonials remove the risk in the prospect’s mind associated with a prospect saying “yes” to your service. Asking a customer to tell you their reasons for purchasing from you get you several more clients just like them.
Remember, why brag when you can provide proof? The company with the best testimonials wins. Period.
Email Ray Barry at rbarry@vecoplanllc.com for more business improvement tips like these!


Vecoplan Client of the Month:
American Document Services, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Company Name: American Document Services
Meet the Team: Owners-Rick Jackson, April Tate, Brandi Selby, Jason Jackson
                          Office Mgr.-Jodie Bredecko
                          Warehouse Mgr.-Robby Tate
                          The ones that make it happen-Bruce, Jackie, Alora, Jospeph, Aaron,
                          Richard, Michael, Natalie, Kandi, Annette, Kathy, Eva, Louis, Ray.
Years in Business:15 years
Services Provided and Service Area: Records management, Secure Document and Electronic destruction,, and Scanning services. We cover Southern New Mexico and West Texas and we are NAID Certified.
What advice would you give other Information Destruction companies?
Build your business on great customer service. Get Certified in your area of expertise (i.e. NAID Certification). Attend a many conferences as you can an network with others who have been in the industry for years, they are always happy to share their stories!” (Rick Jackson) 
Why do utilize Vecoplan equipment?
“Vecoplan has provided an excellent unit for my mobile destruction. Their customer service and tech support is awesome and they are always ready to answer your questions. The Sales team is not only there during the sale but remains there well after! They make frequent contact to check on the unit they provided and check on my business.”
“The sales team will not sell you a unit that fails to meet our needs. They come to your location and view your operation and advise you on the right equipment that will allow you to stay compliant and provide the service you promised your customer.” (Rick Jackson)

Did you know we sell Used Equipment also?



To see a full list of available used equipment, please contact us today at rbarry@vecoplanllc.com or mcampbell@vecoplanllc.com

2010 Shred Fast- $85,000

Condition- Excellent
Very well maintained truck from previous owner. Would be a great first truck or additional truck for paper application. Owner upgraded to a VST 42e for versatility.

2007 Vecoplan VST CDL 32i- $75,000

Condition- Very good
Well maintained.
Great for a back up truck or for versatility to destroy hard drives or smaller shred size! New cutters!
Industry News & Upcoming Events:
Shred School San Diego, CA , Courtyard Marriott San Diego Old Town- October 21-22
Shred School Orlando, FL, Orlando Airport Marriott – November 18-19
Paper Recycling Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Marriott Miracle Mile – October 14-15 
Mike Campbell and Ray Barry have helped build 2 of the most successful and largest shredding businesses in the history of the industry. They have also helped train over 300 companies in the information destruction industry. They have a unique perspective and have been in your shoes. Not only can they help you with ALL of your equipment needs but they will be happy to help you grow your business at the same time as a resource for your business!

IF you are ready to SHRED your competition and would like a PLAN to do just that, contact Vecoplan today.


Ray Barry and Mike Campbell

National Sales Managers-Information Destruction Division
Vecoplan, LLC
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Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference

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Come visit Vecoplan
at the Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference
at the Marriot Downtown Chicago
October 14-16  

For more information about the conference, Click Here


Vecoplan is America’s Most Trusted Recycling Expert
and we know shredding – whether the requirements are from a small company with minimal shredding requirements, or large municipal recycling facilities requiring complete system design and installation. Vecoplan knows the specific requirements for virtually every shredding application and has developed distinct technologies that optimize the shredding process for those applications. 

Mobile Shredder

To date, over 12 million tons of waste material
have been recycled through Vecoplan shredders!

If your operation recycles paper or plastics scrap, Vecoplan manufactures shredders and complete shredding systems ideally suited to process it! Vecoplan shredding systems are favored by more paper and plastics companies than any other manufacturer. That’s because shredding systems from Vecoplan provide a powerful yet compact, one pass shredding solution that converts large, bulky paper and plastic scrap into controlled sized particles without the need for pre-processing. Interchangeable screens make Vecoplan shredders more flexible, allowing you to adjust final particle size at will, and with the HiTor(TM) drive system, you can process your material more cost effectively than ever!

If you have scrap that needs to be processed,
Vecoplan has a shredding system for you!

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Rick Burks Appointed Mobile Service Manager at Vecoplan LLC

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Rick Burks Appointed Mobile Service Manager at Vecoplan LLC

 Rick Burks

Rick Burks has been named Mobile Service Manager at Vecoplan LLC, a worldwide leader in shredding, recycling and waste processing technologies. In his new position, Burks will oversee all aspects of service on Vecoplan shred trucks. The move is another step in Vecoplan’s commitment to continuous improvement in service satisfaction after the sale.

 Working with the company’s internal team of service technicians, Burks has devised and is implementing systematic procedures and programs to maximize service quality and efficiency. In addition Burks will oversee Vecoplan’s network of certified shred truck service personnel throughout North America.

Burks has 31 years experience in machinery construction, operation, service and maintenance. Beginning his career in 1984 with the U.S. Navy, as a Petty Officer AW2 (Acoustic Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator). Joining the Vecoplan team in 2003, his tenure has included stints building shred trucks, as a Field Service Technician, supervising the Control Panel Shop, and as an in-house remote Service Supervisor. His background in motor controls, instrumentation, and controls integration includes earning an ISA – CCST (Certified Controls System Technician) certification.

“The sheer number of Vecoplan shred trucks now in the field made it necessary to have someone dedicated to handling mobile service,” according to Len Beusse, COO-Vecoplan LLC, “and Rick’s background made him the obvious choice to head-up our mobile service team. His time building shred trucks combined with his hands-on experience servicing shred trucks in the field give him the perfect skill-set to meet the needs of our customers.”

For more Information contact Vecoplan, LLC at: 336-861-6070,

Email: info@VecoplanLLC.com or visit our website at www.VecoplanLLC.com

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